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Rick Jennisch Photography, Associate Photographer Dee Schroeder

About me...

My story:    I started out as an assistant to Rick Jennisch at weddings over 3 years ago and have progressed to being an associate photographer for over half of the weddings he photographs each year.   Now I also photograph maternity, newborns and babies for Rick. And I love it!   I have to say that I've been really fortunate to learn from one of the best.

My photography passions:  I love the excitement of a wedding day, and the chance to help capture memories that reflect a couple's love and commitment in the photos we take for them.  To later see how a moment I captured really conveys the feeling and the memory is something I enjoy.   I really love babies so combining that with my photography has been like a dream come true It is such an honor to be chosen to photograph a couple's newborn baby knowing they trust me enough to take photos at this incredible moment in their lives.  A baby is just a miracle!  Then to follow these babies and take milestone photos is so much see how they have grown, even into their toddler years and beyond as they change and become little people with personalities.

Why I love photography:   Photography is my chance to feed my creative side!  I love finding a unique angle and capturing the emotion of a moment.  And I get to be part of two of the most important events in people's lives, weddings and fun is that?!

More about Dee:   Besides photography, I enjoy:  traveling to new places or old (love weekends in Chicago!), Cubs games, spending time with my guy and our kids, families, and friends, zumba, decorating, gardening, creating a little art, dogs, a great book or movie,  enjoying nature and the beauty of our world, music, and just enjoying life!

 ~~ Dee